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Pond technology is the key to it all – innovative but tried and tested, reliable and long-lasting, easy to use, and with outstanding detail. So it is with pond technology from Meßner. Made with German quality, and in family hands for decades. A rich tradition.

benefit 1

High performance and low energy consumption

benefit 2

Optimized performance figures, a fair price, and easy to use

benefit 3

The quality and reliability of the products are ensured by continuous inspections and tests

benefit 4

Our German production site ensures short transport routes for increased flexibility in terms of logistics, and a high social impact in terms of local jobs and the economy.

Our objective is technical perfection for your garden pond.

The products are designed for high-performance while also having low energy consumption. Messner® products can be tailored to your own individual and varied requirements.

Optimized performance figures, a fair price, and easy to use – this is what we think of when we imagine modern pond technology.

Fountain Pump power-X2

Pond Pump e-finity Q-Tec 25

Skimmer 300

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