The Plastic-free Substitute

We are a start-up based in our hometown Kolkata, working towards bringing  an alternative for plastic disposable tableware and driving an eco-green awareness in the society. Commenced in the year 2018, we are driven by the motive of supplying quality assortments of Areca palm leaf plates, bowls and Cutlery to our customers and driving a plastic-free initiative

Areca palm leaf products are 100% natural

  • We promote products which are environment friendly. 
  • Our products are made chemical-free
  • Areca palm leaf dinnerware is made from naturally fallen leaves of the tree, hence deforestration is not promoted
  • Our products are bio-degradable and compostable
  • Our products are hygienic and 100% microwave-safe upto 220°C
  • Our products are suitable for hot and liquid food , as they do not get soggy easily
  • We provide an elegant finish to our products, hence it can sustain food warmth for a longer time

About US

Bio Box India is a start-up family venture which commenced its journey in the December 2018 with the zeal of not only reducing the usage of plastic waste in food industry, but also providing a healthy, chemical-free and eco-friendly alternative to the single-use plastic products. We are supplier and manufacturer of Areca Palm leaf dinnerware products such as plates, bowls and cutlery.

We are highly motivated to work towards a sustainable and green living, wherein we help to reduce the carbon footprints of our clients.

We will keep working towards finding innovative green alternatives of plastic products.


Our products ranges from plates, bowls and cutlery, as well as disposable lunch boxes and trays.

Why Choose Us

Our Value Proposition

Premium Quality

Manufactured completely chemical free. Packaging and storage is specially taken care of to avoid moisture and dirt.

On-Time Delivery

Supply deadline is always met with customer satisfaction

Value for Money

Our prices are nominally designed to meet the market demands

Customise Services

We supply various products on customized packages

Fair Price initiative

Our suppliers employ local people in the area, train them with the usage of the infrastructure and hence contribute to the socio-economic development of the region

Sales Support

We are always available for aftersale queries

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