Set of Take-Away Food Container

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This versatile product is a ready-to-go for people who want to carry and deliver food. The  food container is made of 100% areca palm leaves with a special grip that closes the lid properly and doesn’t allow any leakage of food. Order it now for all your ready-to-take events.

This pack contains:

  • 5 x 500 ml food container box
  • 5 x 750 ml food container box
  • 5 x 1000 ml food container box

*The prices are applicable only for India.

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Fashioned From Just Two Humble Elements – Fallen Areca Palm leaves and water, Biobox products successfully straddle the demands of ecological accountability, high end design and convenience, all in one go.

Over the years we have become India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of Areca Palm Leaf Dinnerware. For ages rural Indians have used fallen leaves from the indigenous areca palm tree as disposable dinnerware. The leaves are first gathered, cleaned and soaked, then heated sterilized and molded into shape. To ensure further safety the plates undergo a UV sterilization and then packed. After use, the plates can be composted, with biodegradation occurring in just 90 days. Our products have passed extensive health, safety & compostability tests and have the necessary certifications.


Non-toxic & Eco friendly.



Durable and Lightweight

Microwave Friendly and and sustainably produced

Available in an assortment of shapes and sizes to suit all your food serving needs, their beauty will lend an artisanal element to any table or buffet.



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